Milwaukee Exhibition

Kent State University’s Wick Poetry Center and School of Art Galleries collaborated with Soldier’s Heart, a veterans’ return and healing organization, to create Speak Peace: American Voices Respond to Vietnamese Children’s Paintings.

Speak Peace is an exhibition featuring 34 select artworks on themes of peace and war on loan from the War Remnants Museum in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, paired with response poems to the images written by American children, veterans, and established poets.

Engaging any community in the healing process of creating art and publicly displaying these images and voices has the power to heal.  We hope that SPEAK PEACE will offer such an opportunity for communities across this country and aboard, inspiring creative dialogue between image and word and fostering cross-cultural understanding and reconciliation.

David Hassler, Director, Kent State University, Wick Poetry Center

As part of a national and international tour, the Speak Peace exhibition will be in Milwaukee, summer 2012, at the Milwaukee War Memorial Center (WMC).  Along with the featured Speak Peace exhibition, Speak Peace MKE is collecting 6×6-inch canvas board responses to the exhibition before it arrives.  The responses will be displayed at the WMC and Danceworks Gallery with the Speak Peace exhibition.

Please check back for calendar events during the exhibition to be hosted at the WMC, Danceworks, and around town.

War Memorial Center Lower Level Gallery  750 No. Lincoln Memorial Dr., Milwaukee Lakefront
Danceworks Gallery  1661 No. Water St., Milwaukee Downtown
Dr. Edward Tick, Soldier’s Heart
Madame Huynh Ngoc Van, War Remnants Museum
Anderson Turner, Kent State University School of Art Galleries
David Hassler, Kent State University Wick Poetry Center

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